About us

We didn't have time to make a proper website yet.

We'll do it soon. Promise.

Meantime, let me introduce the band...

Core team

Peter Hartree
Founder & CEO

Igor Stajic
Software Engineer

Perrin Walker
Senior Narrator

Srdjan Stajic
Software Engineer

Part-time contractors

Design & Branding

Katy Moore
Quality Assurance

Marcus Sommers
Quality Assurance

Steve McKibbin
Quality Assurance

Informal advisors

  • Fin Moorehouse
  • Jason Cotrebil
  • Joseph Walker
  • Tanya Singh

Fun fact

In summer 2022, Peter, Perrin & Katy created Radio Bostrom—audio narrations of academic papers by Nick Bostrom.

You can think of Radio Bostrom as a "pilot" for TYPE III AUDIO...