Podcasts should have drip campaigns

When I subscribe to your podcast, I'd like 5 of your best episodes to show up in my "New episodes" list over the following days. People do this for their email newsletters—why not their podcasts?

The reason is that—usually—every subscriber follows the same RSS feed. E.g.


But, what if we did this?


Then we can do some server-side magic to make a unique RSS feed for each new subscriber. The onboarding episodes are released on the schedule you specify—along with your regular episodes as usual.

We've built this, and it works a treat. We'll start accepting pilot clients soon. To get on the waitlist, write to [email protected].

The catch: As of February 2023, none of the major podcast directories have an option to pass parameters to your RSS feed URL. 🤦 So, this only works when people subscribe via your website.