Our first team retreat

TYPE III AUDIO is a remote team—working from Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, France, Iceland, Serbia and the UK. Until last week, none of us had met in person.

Our first team retreat

Perrin, Jason, Igor, Srdjan and I made the trip. We were joined by three of our friends from And-Now—Eleanor, Izzy and Magnus—and Chloé (chef; wife of Peter) and Léa (Shrimp Welfare Project; partner of Jason).

We met in Monsac, a quiet French hamlet about 2 hours from Bordeaux. We stayed in a former convent, which is now occupied by Véro and Steph—neither of whom are nuns.

We spent the mornings coworking, and the afternoons doing whatever we felt like.

Here's what it looked like...

Peeling pears
Winter walks
Tired: trust falls. Wired: go karts.
Very wired: powerlifting.
Magnús brought his hair care team.
I gave an after-dinner monologue.
Eleanor prepared our next invoice.

It was fun! And we did some cool stuff—updating our audio player, starting our project to narrate the AGI Safety Fundamentals courses, and continuing the development of our AI narration service.

Thanks everyone! ❤️