Thanks for tuning in.

TYPE III AUDIO will provide audio narration services to the longtermism and effective altruism communities. In our first year, we will release >500 hours of human narrations, and thousands of hours of AI narrations.

Human narrations are underway...

We're currently producing narrations for 80,000 Hours, the EA Forum, and LessWrong. We're also working on Joe Carlsmith's "Power-seeking AI Report", and several other things. Our human narration team is rather small right now—we'll start hiring more narrators soon.

A couple of things you can already listen to:

If you're an author and you'd like something narrated, write to [email protected].

AI narrations are coming soon.

We're building an AI narration pipeline that is optimised for the websites and newsletters that our audience most want to listen to. The pipeline will be mostly automated, but we will have "humans in the loop" to edit narration scripts where necessary (e.g. add descriptions of graphs and images).

Listeners will be able to request AI narrations for any website URL. Narrations will be played in your web browser, or via a private podcast feed we generate for each listener. We will also release narrations via branded podcast feeds (e.g. the EA Forum Podcast), via audio embed widgets, and via the forthcoming TYPE III LIBRARY website.

Listeners! We'll help you find the best things to listen to.

The TYPE III LIBRARY will contain most of the narrations we create. You'll be able to search and subscribe to feeds by topic, author, and so on.

Doors will open soon.

Writers! We'll help you find listeners.

Our marketing service will help get your narrations into the ears of the listeners who most want to hear them.

We're not accepting new clients just yet, but watch this space.

Narrators, podcasters! You show up and say the words—we can handle the rest.

Here's how it works:

  1. Record your audio in a single take, clapping your hands when you make a mistake.
  2. Send us the raw recording, and we'll send back something that's ready to release.

If you like, we can manage your podcast on your behalf. We can take care of everything—setting up the feed, designing your cover art, releasing episodes, and so on. We're currently doing all of this (and more) for the EA Forum podcast.

We can also help you learn the basics of great narration, setup your recording studio, and provide whatever other support you need to make great narrations with minimal time cost.

Interested? Send us an email.

We're hiring!

Right now, we'd like to hire:

  • Head of Marketing and/or Marketing Assistant
  • Executive Assistant

Soon, we will start hiring more narrators.

Interested? Know someone? Send us an email.

We're keeping a low profile, for now...

We'll launch with great fanfare when we have a little more to show for ourselves.

If you'd like to follow along in the meantime, we're @type3audio on Twitter. You can join our newsletter over here. 👉